BlackBerry is Getting Touchscreens
June 16, 2010

CANADA: BlackBerrys will get touchscreens to fight Apple’s iPhone 4. BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) is reportedly turning to touchscreens to counter Apple’s new iPhone 4.

RIM is still the smartphone market leader, but Apple’s iPhone and Android-based devices are moving up fast, therefore, RIM is also reportedly working on a tablet computer that could be released by the end of the year. RIM is behind in mobile apps. Mustering up its forces to respond to the iPhone threat, Canadian smartphone giant Research In Motion is reportedly gearing up to release new devices that feature touchscreens, which Apple’s iPhone has, and a slide-out keyboard, which it doesn’t.

RIM remains the smartphone market leader, with a fairly comfortable 35% share as of the first quarter, only two percent less than the prior quarter. But Apple is breathing down RIM’s neck with 28 percent and having gained two percent. RIM is working on an iPhone-like device that allows users to move through different applications by swiping fingers on the touchscreen. The device also has a universal search bar that accesses both the Internet and the phone’s memory for data Relevant Products/Services. RIM is also working on a tablet device to be released by the end of the year, which would utilize smartphone connections to get online.

The BlackBerry Storm is currently RIM’s only device to feature a touchscreen. The new BlackBerry device will have four gigabytes of available storage Relevant Products/Services space, or a quarter the capacity of Apple’s lowest-priced iPhone 4. The camera would match Apple’s five megapixels, although the iPhone 4 has front and back cameras to allow video Relevant Products/Services chatting as well as photography.

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